• Is My Turkey Safe To Eat?
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    Fresh Turkey Looks or Smells Bad – Is It Safe To Eat?

    Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular times that fresh turkeys are cooked for a celebration meal. With so many birds sold over the festive period, it is inevitable that some bad ones may slip through the supply chain. In this article we will explain how you can tell whether your turkey is likely to be safe to go ahead and cook, or if you may want to return the bird to the supplier for a refund. So how can you tell if a turkey is safe to eat? A whole fresh turkey that is ready to cook should be clean and healthy looking, with very little odor. The skin…

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    Differences Between A Turkey Crown, Butterfly & Spatchcock Turkey

    When is comes to buying turkey, there are different cuts that you may not be familiar with. This article will explain what each cut is, and how they differ from each other. So what is the difference between a turkey crown, butterfly and spatchcock turkey? A turkey crown is when the legs have been removed from a whole turkey, leaving you with the bone-in breast. A turkey butterfly is the same as the crown, but has had all the breast bones removed. A spatchcock turkey is a whole turkey that has been split down the back and flattened out like a book. We will now look at each of these…

  • Is My Turkey Safe To Eat?
    Food Preparation,  Shopping For Meat,  Turkey

    Whole Turkey Cuts Explained – Crowns, Portions & Serving Size

    Turkey is a versatile meat, and when feeding a crowd, it can be more economical than cooking several chickens or more expensive roasts such as beef or lamb. Turkeys can be bought as a whole bird, as portions, or even as ground or diced meat. This article will explain the different cuts that can be got from a Turkey and how you would use them. These are the different cuts that can be produced from a whole turkey? Whole Turkey Bone In Turkey Crown Boneless Turkey Crown Turkey Legs Turkey Thighs Turkey Drumsticks Ground Turkey Diced Turkey Turkey Steaks Turkey Escalope Turkey Sausage We will now look at each of…