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    Flour Coat Your Stewing Beef For Delicious Results!

    There are two schools of thought regarding whether to dredge your stewing beef in flour prior to cooking or not, and we will give you our thoughts as to why you should do so. Should I Dust My Stewing Beef With Flour? Yes. Dredging your stewing beef with seasoned flour prior to browning, will create a flavorful crust around the pieces of beef, and will help seal in the natural juices of the meat. The flour will also help to thicken the stew, meaning no further thickening agents will need to be added. Why Flour Coat Your Stewing Beef Adding seasoned flour to the meat will add flavor and help…

  • Can You Fry Beef Braising Steak
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    Can You Fry Beef Braising Steak?

    If you are not familiar with the different cuts of meat, the word ‘steak’ may lead you to thinking this cut of meat can be cooked like any other prime steak. So can you fry beef braising steak? No, as the name suggests, braising steak requires slower cooking in liquid for it to be able to break down the tough muscle fibres and become tender. If you fry your braising steak like a prime steak, it will be tough and difficult to chew. Why You Shouldn’t Fry Beef Braising Steak Beef braising steak is typically taken from the beef forequarter, meaning the front quarter of the cow, ie: the shoulder…

  • Facts about Beef Tenderloin and Filet Mignon
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    Beef Tenderloin & Filet Mignon Facts and Answers

    Beef tenderloin and Filet Mignon is a very popular cut of meat, and just about the most expensive beef cut you can buy. So before spending the money, people have a lot of questions they would like answered. This article covers the most often asked questions regarding the Beef Tenderloin and Filet Mignon. Is Beef Tenderloin and Filet Mignon the same thing? Although commonly described as the same cut of meat, the Beef Tenderloin is actually the whole cut of meat from head to tail. The Filet Mignon refers to the individual steaks taken from the centre cut part of the beef tenderloin. What Does Peeled and Unpeeled Tenderloin Mean?…

  • Is Rare Cooked Beef Safe To Eat
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    Is It Safe To Eat Beef Cooked Rare?

    Many people would like to try to eat their beef a little less ‘well done’, but are concerned as to whether it is safe to do so without falling prey to food poisoning. So is it safe to eat beef cooked rare? Solid muscle meats, such as beef roasts and steaks, are safer to eat cooked rare, than chopped meats such as ground beef and burgers. It must be acknowledged that there will always be a slight element of risk when eating rare cooked beef, however there are steps you can take to minimise the risks, and enjoy eating beef cooked rare. This article will explain the reason there is…

  • Prevent Dry Homemeade Burgers
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    How To Stop Homemade Burgers Being Dry

    There is nothing more disappointing than looking forward to enjoying a nice juicy burger, only to find it is dry like cardboard when you come to eat it. This can happen quite often if you don’t know what is causing it. So how do you prevent having dry burgers? The main reason burgers end up dry, is due to having too little fat content, and/or being overcooked. For a burger to remain moist during cooking, you want meat that has at least 20% fat content to add both flavor and moistness to the burger. Cooking to an internal temperature of 160oF/72oC will ensure any harmful bacteria are destroyed, whilst the…

  • Prevent Dry Stewing Beef
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    Prevent Dry, Tough & Tasteless Stewing Beef

    There is nothing worse than smelling a beautiful hearty stew cooking all day, only to find the meat tough, dry and tasteless when you come to eat it. So why does stewing beef get dry, tough and tasteless? To ensure that you have a stew that contains fork tender, tasty chunks of stewing beef, you have to use selected cuts of meat that contain fat marbling, and will break down during the long cooking process. Lean, prime cuts of beef may look tempting, but will result in a poor eating stew. This article will explain the best cuts to use to ensure an tasty and tender stew, and the beef…

  • Cooking Ground Beef and Pork Together
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    Pork And Beef CAN Be Cooked Together In The Same Pan!

    There are many dishes that can call for a combination of Pork and Beef meats to be cooked together, and you could be left wondering if it is possible to cook the meats together in the same pan. So can Pork and Beef be cooked together in the same pan? Yes, the flavors of pork and beef compliment each other and can be cooked together without issue. Many recipes such as Meatloaf, Spaghetti, Meatballs etc call for a combination of both pork and beef, and it makes sense to combine the meats and cook them together in the same pan. Whether you are cooking ground meats, steaks or roasts, the…

  • Veal Loin Chops
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    Veal Explained – 18 Common Questions Answered

    Veal can be a controversial topic when talking meat, and there are those people that love it and enjoy eating it, and those people that feel the meat should be banned from production. Another group of people have never come across the meat before, and may have some questions. In this article we answer the 18 most common questions asked about Veal! So, what is veal? Veal is the name given to the meat that comes from calves. The calves can be slaughtered as early as 2 weeks old, and up to 8 months. The meat is a pinky white or grayish color, and has a mild delicate flavor. Due…

  • Making Corned Beef Brisket
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    Corned Beef Brisket – How to Cure, Prepare, Cook and Serve

    Corned beef brisket is a delicious dish, typically served in Ireland or on St. Patrick’s day. However, it is a great dish to serve anywhere, anytime, and it’s not hard to make. So what is corned beef brisket, and how do you cure, prepare, cook, and serve the meat? Corned beef brisket is the breast area of the cow, which becomes tender when cooked slowly. The beef is cooked in many herbs and spices, which gives the Corned Beef brisket a bold flavor. It is a versatile cut that can be served with cabbage and potatoes for a traditional Irish dish, or in a sandwich with sauerkraut for a lighter…

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    Braising Steak & Stewing Steak – The Differences Explained!

    When the cold weather arrives and you decide it’s time to make some delicious comforting meals, you may see recipes asking for braising steak or stewing steak and not know what the difference is between the two cuts of beef. This article hopes to answer those questions for you. So what is the difference between Braising Steak and Stewing Steak? Braising Steak and Stewing Steak are tougher cuts of beef taken from the shoulder of a cow. Braising steak is usually leaner and cooked as slices, whereas stewing steak is cut into bite sized chunks that may break into smaller pieces during cooking. Both cuts require slow cooking in a…