• Stop Sausages From Splitting
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    Stop Sausages Splitting When Frying, Grilling & Baking

    A common problem that many people face when cooking sausages is the fact that they keep on splitting and bursting open. When you are attempting to cook a nice meal, this can have a negative effect on the presentation of the dish. So how do you stop your sausages from splitting open when cooking? The main reason sausages burst during cooking is due to being cooked from cold, on too high of a heat. When the heat is too high, the fat and liquid within the sausage begin to boil. This builds pressure inside the casing until it cannot contain it any longer, causing the sausage to split open. Do…

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    Why Using Rusk Makes Better Homemade Sausages

    If you are a fan of sausages, you have probably thought about having a go at making your own. When researching different recipes, you may have come across many that call for the use of ‘Rusk’, and wondered what it is, and why you need it. So why is rusk used in homemade sausages? Rusk is a dried cereal based filler that has been ground into a pinhead, medium or course consistency. When added to sausages, the rusk absorbs liquid and binds the meat and fat together. It also holds in the natural juices and flavors during cooking, producing a moist and succulent sausage. Is Rusk The Same As Breadcrumbs?…

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    How To Stop Your Homemade Sausage Being Dry & Crumbly

    So you’ve just made your very first batch of homemade sausage and have cooked some off for a taste test. Upon cutting into the sausage you find it is dry and crumbly, not what you were hoping for. What went wrong? Why can homemade sausages be dry and crumbly? When making homemade sausages, it is essential that you use enough fat and liquid in the mix to help the ingredients bind together. Also ensuring that the meat, fat and equipment is very cold during preparation will further help prevent these issues from arising. We will know look at why these points are so important in your homemade sausage making endeavours.…

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    How Many Sausages Do You Get In A Pound (454 grams)?

    Buying sausages around the world can sometimes be a bit hit and miss as to whether you get the right quantity you need to feed the amount of people you are serving. Different shapes, lengths and thickness will alter how many you get per weight. So how many sausages do you get in one pound weight? Getting 6 Sausages is about average per one pound weight (454g). However every sausage maker will link their sausages to their own specifications, and so you could get a few as 3, or as many as 9, depending on the way the butcher produces them. Sausages Per lb Around The World Every traditional butcher…

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    Homemade Sausage – The Best Fat to Lean Ratio for Great Flavor

    Sausages can sometimes get a bad rap as being unhealthy due to the amount of fat content, or low quality meat used. Whilst there are certainly some mass produced, lower quality sausages available in the supermarkets, you’ll find it’s a different story with the ones produced by independent butchers, or your own homemade sausages. So what is the right amount of fat to use in sausages? A general ratio of fat to lean in sausages is about 25% fat to 75% lean. This ratio will ensure the sausages have flavor, and will stay moist during cooking. The fat content can be adjusted by about 10% either way, however all sausages…