• Difference Between Pork, Ham, Gammon and Bacon
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    The Differences Between Pork, Ham, Bacon & Gammon Explained

    When it comes to buying different types of meat, there is sometimes confusion over which product to buy if you are not familiar with the product name. Different types of cured pork are a prime example so let’s clear things up a little bit for you. So what is the difference between pork, ham, bacon and gammon? Pork is the uncured meat from a pig. Ham, bacon and gammon are pork cuts that have been cured in some way, such as salting, brining or smoking. The shoulder, belly and loin of pork are used to make bacon, and the leg of pork is used for hams. Now we will look…

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    Collar Bacon – A Tasty Alternative To Gammon Ham

    Collar bacon is not as popular as the more commonly available gammon cut, but that may because people are not sure what it is. In this article we aim to highlight just how the collar bacon should not be so easily overlooked when assessing your boiling bacon needs. So what is collar bacon? Collar Bacon is the shoulder portion (pork butt) of a pig, that has been cured in a salt brine. The collar is usually boiled in liquid for several hours, and used for dishes such as Irish Boiled Bacon & Cabbage. Although the collar has a more intense flavor than the Gammon Ham, it is less desired by consumers due to…