• Turkey Smells Bad
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    Pork Smells Bad – Is It Safe To Eat?

    Sometimes pork can have a smell to it that makes you consider whether it is safe to eat, or whether it has gone bad. So how do you tell if pork is bad? Fresh pork should have a white fat covering and pink flesh with little to no smell. If the fat is yellow looking, and the meat is turning grey, then the meat is starting to spoil. If the meat is sticky to the touch or has an off putting smell, then it should not be eaten as it has spoiled. This article will explain when the pork can be saved and is safe to eat, and when you…

  • Difference Between Pork, Ham, Gammon and Bacon
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    The Differences Between Pork, Ham, Bacon & Gammon Explained

    When it comes to buying different types of meat, there is sometimes confusion over which product to buy if you are not familiar with the product name. Different types of cured pork are a prime example so let’s clear things up a little bit for you. So what is the difference between pork, ham, bacon and gammon? Pork is the uncured meat from a pig. Ham, bacon and gammon are pork cuts that have been cured in some way, such as salting, brining or smoking. The shoulder, belly and loin of pork are used to make bacon, and the leg of pork is used for hams. Now we will look…

  • Cooking Ground Beef and Pork Together
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    Pork And Beef CAN Be Cooked Together In The Same Pan!

    There are many dishes that can call for a combination of Pork and Beef meats to be cooked together, and you could be left wondering if it is possible to cook the meats together in the same pan. So can Pork and Beef be cooked together in the same pan? Yes, the flavors of pork and beef compliment each other and can be cooked together without issue. Many recipes such as Meatloaf, Spaghetti, Meatballs etc call for a combination of both pork and beef, and it makes sense to combine the meats and cook them together in the same pan. Whether you are cooking ground meats, steaks or roasts, the…

  • Pork Cuts Explained
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    Pork Cuts Guide – Every Cut of Pork Explained

    Over the years there has been a dramatic decline in the amount of independent butchers stores, meat markets and meat counters available to shoppers. These have been replaced with convenience packaged meat being sold in grocery store aisles, with no expert on hand to guide the shopper to buying the right cut of meat to suit their needs. This article will focus on explaining the different types of pork cuts most commonly sold, where they come from on the animal, and how best to cook them to ensure tender and tasty pork every time. So lets begin by looking at the whole side of a pig. The diagram below shows…

  • Raw Pork Tenderloin
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    Pork Tenderloin Explained- Prep, Serving Size & Cooking Tips!

    Pork tenderloin is a succulent tender cut of meat that can make any meal an instant hit when done right. However, many people shy away from trying this cut of pork as they are unsure how to prepare it, and how to cook it to perfection. So what is a Pork Tenderloin? The pork tenderloin is a long thin muscle that runs along the inside of the pork loin ribs of a pig. There are 2 pork tenderloins per animal, and they weigh approx. 20 – 24 ounces each. These muscles are the most tender cut of meat from the pig, and can be cooked in a variety of ways…

  • Pork Belly Explained
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    What Is Belly Pork? – 12 Delicious Cuts Explained!

    Pork Belly AKA Belly Pork, is a wonderful cut of meat that offers a wide variety of menu options depending on how it is prepared. This article will explain to you some of the many different ways that belly pork can be prepared and cooked to allow you to really enjoy this flavorful cut of pork to its fullest. So where does Pork Belly come from? Pork belly comes from a pig, and is the underside belly of the animal. The full belly has a sheet of ribs running through half of it, before tailing off to become boneless. The belly is a very fatty cut of meat, but is…

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    Tunnel and Butterfly Boning Meat – Everything You Need To Know!

    When it comes to removing the bones from a piece of meat, there are generally two ways that it can be done. Tunnel boning and butterfly boning. So what is the difference between tunnel boning and butterfly boning meat? Tunnel boning is the removal of bones by cutting into the flesh of the meat as little as possible, thereby retaining the overall shape and structure of the meat. Butterfly boning involves cutting apart the muscles of the meat, exposing the bone for removal, and then further cutting the flesh to create an even thickness of meat. We will now look further into when and why, you may use one method…

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    How To Prevent Dry & Tough Pork Chops With Perfect Result Every Time!

    So you really enjoy having cooked pork chops for dinner but shy away from making them because they always seem to turn out dry and tough. Well, we will explain why that happens, and what you can do to make sure you always end up with tender juicy pork chops in future. So why do cooked pork chops end up dry and tough? To prevent dry and tough pork chops, you need to cook the chops a certain way. Shoulder and rib pork chops are tougher cuts, and so need to be cooked long and slow in liquid. The prime centre cut loin chops should ideally be cooked to a…

  • Fresh Pork Is Pink In Color
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    17 Different Meat Cuts From One Whole Pork Loin, Including Tenderloin!

    The pork loin is one of the most versatile parts of the pig, offering 17 different cuts of meat that can be used for a variety of dishes. Here is a list of the different cuts the whole pork loin can be portioned into, providing endless recipe possibilities from just one part of the pig. Bone In Pork Rib Roast Bone In Centre Cut Loin Roast Bone In Chump Pork Roast Boneless Centre Cut Pork Roast Bone In Rib Chop Bone In Centre Cut Chop Bone In Country Style Chops Boneless Pork Ribeye Boneless Pork Loin Steaks Pork Escalopes Pork Kebobs Diced Pork Pork Tenderloin Pork Medallions Ground Pork Baby…

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    Escalopes Explained – Veal, Pork, Turkey, Chicken & Beef

    Many recipes ask for escalopes of meat, however there is some confusion over what an escalope actually is. So what is an Escalope? An escalope is a thin cut slice of lean meat that has been pounded flatter with a meat mallet to increase the surface size and make more tender. Often escalopes are coated with breadcrumbs and fried, topped with a filling and rolled into a roulade, or served with a sauce. Why Are Escalopes So Popular? Escalopes offer great versatility for the cook to prepare lots of wonderful tasty dishes relatively quickly, and so are a firm favorite in the kitchen. Whether you decide to just dredge the…