• Choosing A Good Butcher
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    How To Choose A Good Butcher To Buy Your Meat From

    If you have decided that you would like to buy your meat from an independent butcher shop, meat market or farm shop, then you may we wondering what attributes make a good one to use. In this article we are going to talk about the different things that you should be looking at when deciding if the butcher is worthy of your custom, or if you should avoid and move on to the next. So how do you choose a good butcher? A good butcher will provide a clean store with an appealing display. The butcher will be knowledgeable about the meats they are selling, and will source from local…

  • Why you should use a butcher
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    The Advantages Of Using A Butcher If You Love Eating Meat

    There are many advantages to using a butcher over buying meat from the grocery store, and this article will go over them for you. If you fit into any of the types of people listed below, then this article is a ‘must read’ for you as it will explain all the benefits of getting to know your local butcher, and how your meat eating experience can be taken to another level. So are you:- If you relate to any of these types of people, or something close, then you may get some benefit from reading this article if you don’t already use a local butcher or meat market. What is…

  • butchers vs supermarkets
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    Butchers Vs Supermarkets – Which is better?

    When deciding on whether you should buy your meat from an independent butcher, or a supermarket, there are several things you will need to consider that will help you decide. Everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to buying meat, and once you have decided what is the most important to you, the answer to this question should become clearer. The main factors to consider when trying to decide, are based on the following: This article will now look at each of these point in more detail, and explain how they may affect you decision making. Price of Meat Probably the most important consideration for many people buying…

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    Differences Between A Turkey Crown, Butterfly & Spatchcock Turkey

    When is comes to buying turkey, there are different cuts that you may not be familiar with. This article will explain what each cut is, and how they differ from each other. So what is the difference between a turkey crown, butterfly and spatchcock turkey? A turkey crown is when the legs have been removed from a whole turkey, leaving you with the bone-in breast. A turkey butterfly is the same as the crown, but has had all the breast bones removed. A spatchcock turkey is a whole turkey that has been split down the back and flattened out like a book. We will now look at each of these…

  • Save Money On Meay
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    21 Thrifty Meat Tips – Saving You Money on Meat

    Meat is the highest part of the food budget in most households, and so money saving tips on buying meat cheaper are always welcome. Well, we have 21 tips that will help you do just that! 21 Thrifty Meat Buying Tips to Save You Money Buy cheaper cuts Buy bigger cuts and trim yourself Buy a whole animal Do the cutting yourself Buy in bulk with Family or Friends Ask for bones – butchers pay to have these taken away Learn what is trim and what is waste Look at $/kg Learn different cut names Add fillers like lentils/beans/oats/veggies Cut down meat portion size – 6oz steak instead of 8oz…

  • Turkey Smells Bad
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    Pork Smells Bad – Is It Safe To Eat?

    Sometimes pork can have a smell to it that makes you consider whether it is safe to eat, or whether it has gone bad. So how do you tell if pork is bad? Fresh pork should have a white fat covering and pink flesh with little to no smell. If the fat is yellow looking, and the meat is turning grey, then the meat is starting to spoil. If the meat is sticky to the touch or has an off putting smell, then it should not be eaten as it has spoiled. This article will explain when the pork can be saved and is safe to eat, and when you…

  • Lamb Chops Explained With Pictures
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    Lamb Chops – The Different Types Explained With Pictures

    If you are planning to try the lamb for the first time, you might wonder where the lamb chops come from, and what they taste like. Lamb has a unique flavor that is complimented by the use of many different types of herbs and spices. This makes it a favorite meat for chefs to use when making special recipes. But what are lamb chops? Lamb chops are cuts of lamb obtained from young domestic sheep aged typically under 1 year old. The chops can be cut from the shoulder, loin, ribs and rump of the animal, and are cooked and served with the bone intact. Due to the size of…

  • Difference Between Pork, Ham, Gammon and Bacon
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    The Differences Between Pork, Ham, Bacon & Gammon Explained

    When it comes to buying different types of meat, there is sometimes confusion over which product to buy if you are not familiar with the product name. Different types of cured pork are a prime example so let’s clear things up a little bit for you. So what is the difference between pork, ham, bacon and gammon? Pork is the uncured meat from a pig. Ham, bacon and gammon are pork cuts that have been cured in some way, such as salting, brining or smoking. The shoulder, belly and loin of pork are used to make bacon, and the leg of pork is used for hams. Now we will look…

  • Is My Turkey Safe To Eat?
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    Whole Turkey Cuts Explained – Crowns, Portions & Serving Size

    Turkey is a versatile meat, and when feeding a crowd, it can be more economical than cooking several chickens or more expensive roasts such as beef or lamb. Turkeys can be bought as a whole bird, as portions, or even as ground or diced meat. This article will explain the different cuts that can be got from a Turkey and how you would use them. These are the different cuts that can be produced from a whole turkey? Whole Turkey Bone In Turkey Crown Boneless Turkey Crown Turkey Legs Turkey Thighs Turkey Drumsticks Ground Turkey Diced Turkey Turkey Steaks Turkey Escalope Turkey Sausage We will now look at each of…

  • Cooking Ground Beef and Pork Together
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    Pork And Beef CAN Be Cooked Together In The Same Pan!

    There are many dishes that can call for a combination of Pork and Beef meats to be cooked together, and you could be left wondering if it is possible to cook the meats together in the same pan. So can Pork and Beef be cooked together in the same pan? Yes, the flavors of pork and beef compliment each other and can be cooked together without issue. Many recipes such as Meatloaf, Spaghetti, Meatballs etc call for a combination of both pork and beef, and it makes sense to combine the meats and cook them together in the same pan. Whether you are cooking ground meats, steaks or roasts, the…