• Beef Marbling In A Steak
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    Beef Marbling – Why You Need This In Your Meat!

    You have probably heard people refer to the marbling of beef, but are unsure about what it refers to. We will now explain what it is, and why it is so important to have it in your meat. So what is Beef Marbling: Beef Marbling is what is referred to as the white flecks of fat that can be seen running through the flesh of the beef. Seeing marbling in the meat is generally a sign of quality, and is something that beef inspectors take into account when grading an animal. How Do I Recognise Beef Marbling? When you see a steak in the meat counter of your local butchers…

  • Beef Steaks Introduction
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    Beef Steaks Explained – How To Choose The Perfect Steak!

    If you are someone that likes the idea of eating a succulent and juicy beef steak, but are never sure which steak to order, then you have come to the right place. This article is going to give you all the information you need about the most popular beef steaks being offered today, and allow you to choose the steak that best suits your personal taste. We are going to discuss the fat content, the flavor and the tenderness of each cut of steak, allowing you to decide which of these 3 qualities you put the most importance on, and therefore which steak will serve you best. The beef steaks…

  • Beef Cube Steaks Preparation
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    Beef Cube Steaks Explained – Best Cuts, Preparation & Cooking Tips

    Many supermarkets and grocery stores offer great deals on buying beef cube steaks, but people can shy away from buying them due to not knowing what they are, or how to cook them. This article will help clear up any questions you may have regarding cube steaks, and allow you to take advantage of those great deals the next time they come up on offer in your local store or meat market. So what is a Beef Cube Steak? A beef cube steak is usually a tougher cut of beef that has been mechanically tenderized by the butcher to make it less tough and more desireable to eat. Beef Cube…

  • How To Choose Beef Steak
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    The Perfect Thickness For A Tender & Juicy Beef Steak

    Everybody likes their beef steak to be cooked just the way they like it, however getting it cut to the right thickness is half the battle to getting the perfectly cooked results. So what is the perfect thickness to have your beef steak cut? A beef steak should be cut 1.5 ” (inch and a half) to ensure that it is thick enough to be well seared, and remain rare if desired, but also not too thick that it will be overcooked on the outside if preferred well done! Why An Inch and A Half Steak Is Perfect Prime beef steak such as NY Strip, Rib Eye, T-Bone, Top Sirloin…

  • Beef Shank Cut of Meat
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    Beef Shank / Shin: Try This Cheap & Tasty Cut of Meat

    What is a Beef Shank? The Beef Shank comes from the upper leg part of the cow between the knee and hip or shoulder. It is a well used, tougher part of the cow that encases a large marrowbone. It requires long slow cooking in liquid to break down the muscle fibres and become tender. The following video shows how the shank is removed and cut for sale, as well as offering a couple of cooking suggestions. Beef Shank Names Although beef shank is probably one of the most common names for this cut of beef, it can be called other names in different parts of the world. Some of…

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    Dry Aged vs Wet Aged Beef : What Does it Mean & Which is Better?

    Almost everywhere you look now when you are considering buying beef, whether it be at the meat market, supermarket or even at a steak house, you will see the beef being referred to as “aged”, “wet aged” or “dry aged. So what does wet aged and dry aged beef actually mean? When beef is “aged”, it essentially refers to the length of time that the meat has been left to mature such as 14, 21, 45 days etc. “Wet” aged beef refers to beef that has been left to age in a vacuum sealed pouch within it’s own blood, and “Dry” aged means it has been left to air dry…

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    Best Slow Cooking Beef – 7 Cheaper Cuts with Mouth Watering Flavor

    When it comes to slow cooking beef, there are many choices you can choose from, but they will not all produce the same result. So which cuts of beef are best for slow cooking? The best cuts of beef for slow cooking are usually taken from the fore quarter or front of the animal. These beef cuts tend to be tougher and more fatty than the more desired hind quarter cuts, but generally have much more flavor and become tender with long slow cooking. The 7 best cuts of slow cooking beef are: Beef Chuck Shin of Beef Beef Brisket Top Blade Steak Mock Tender Beef Short Ribs Ox Tail…