• Lamb Shanks Explained
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    Lamb Shanks – A Guide to This Delicious Cut of Meat

    Lamb shanks have become a popular cut of meat, and are often seen on menus in even the fanciest of restaurants. They are the perfect size for a hearty meal, and the depth of flavor of the meat, combined with some delicious ingredients, make this a very versatile meal option. For those of you who may have seen them on a menu, or in a grocery store, but were not sure what they are or how to cook them, this article is for you as we explain all you need to know about lamb shanks. What Are Lamb Shanks? Lamb shanks are a cut of meat from the lower section…

  • Choosing A Good Butcher
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    How To Choose A Good Butcher To Buy Your Meat From

    If you have decided that you would like to buy your meat from an independent butcher shop, meat market or farm shop, then you may we wondering what attributes make a good one to use. In this article we are going to talk about the different things that you should be looking at when deciding if the butcher is worthy of your custom, or if you should avoid and move on to the next. So how do you choose a good butcher? A good butcher will provide a clean store with an appealing display. The butcher will be knowledgeable about the meats they are selling, and will source from local…

  • Why you should use a butcher
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    The Advantages Of Using A Butcher If You Love Eating Meat

    There are many advantages to using a butcher over buying meat from the grocery store, and this article will go over them for you. If you fit into any of the types of people listed below, then this article is a ‘must read’ for you as it will explain all the benefits of getting to know your local butcher, and how your meat eating experience can be taken to another level. So are you:- If you relate to any of these types of people, or something close, then you may get some benefit from reading this article if you don’t already use a local butcher or meat market. What is…

  • Why You Need An Instant Read Meat Thermometer
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    Digital Meat Thermometer = Safe & Perfectly Cooked Results

    If you have read any of the other articles on my site, you will have come to realise that I am a big promoter of having a digital food thermometer in your kitchen toolkit. In this article I will explain the reasons why I believe every kitchen should have one, and some of the other useful ways that one can be used. So what is a Digital Meat Thermometer? A digital meat thermometer is a probed device that is inserted into the thickest part of the meat you are cooking, to accurately provide the internal temperature. This allows you to accurately assess if the meat has reached a high enough…

  • butchers vs supermarkets
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    Butchers Vs Supermarkets – Which is better?

    When deciding on whether you should buy your meat from an independent butcher, or a supermarket, there are several things you will need to consider that will help you decide. Everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to buying meat, and once you have decided what is the most important to you, the answer to this question should become clearer. The main factors to consider when trying to decide, are based on the following: This article will now look at each of these point in more detail, and explain how they may affect you decision making. Price of Meat Probably the most important consideration for many people buying…

  • Chicken,  Cooking,  Food Safety

    Is It Safe To Part Cook Chicken And Finish Cooking Later?

    We all lead busy lives and so welcome short cuts that make our lives that little bit easier. So you may be wondering if it is OK to get ahead with your meal plans and part cook some chicken to finish cooking later and save time. Is it safe to part cook chicken and finish cooking later? NO! Part cooking chicken to finish at a later time should never be done. Part cooked chicken is a breeding ground for food borne pathogens that can cause food poisoning, and even result in death. Continue reading if you want to know exactly why you should never part cook chicken to finish cooking…

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    Duck Breast Cooked Medium Rare – Delicious But Risky!

    There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about whether or not it is safe to eat duck breast cooked rare or medium rare. In this article we intend to give you the honest facts of the matter and let you be the judge as to whether you want to eat it cooked this way or not. So is it safe to eat duck breast cooked Medium Rare? No. The USDA recommends that all poultry should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165oF/75oC to ensure any dangerous bacteria has been eliminated. Duck reaching this temperature would be considered medium to well done. Cooking the duck to a…

  • Beef,  Cooking

    Flour Coat Your Stewing Beef For Delicious Results!

    There are two schools of thought regarding whether to dredge your stewing beef in flour prior to cooking or not, and we will give you our thoughts as to why you should do so. Should I Dust My Stewing Beef With Flour? Yes. Dredging your stewing beef with seasoned flour prior to browning, will create a flavorful crust around the pieces of beef, and will help seal in the natural juices of the meat. The flour will also help to thicken the stew, meaning no further thickening agents will need to be added. Why Flour Coat Your Stewing Beef Adding seasoned flour to the meat will add flavor and help…

  • Is My Turkey Safe To Eat?
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    Fresh Turkey Looks or Smells Bad – Is It Safe To Eat?

    Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular times that fresh turkeys are cooked for a celebration meal. With so many birds sold over the festive period, it is inevitable that some bad ones may slip through the supply chain. In this article we will explain how you can tell whether your turkey is likely to be safe to go ahead and cook, or if you may want to return the bird to the supplier for a refund. So how can you tell if a turkey is safe to eat? A whole fresh turkey that is ready to cook should be clean and healthy looking, with very little odor. The skin…

  • Freezer Burn Meat Safe To Eat
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    Meat With Freezer Burn Is Safe To Eat

    As freezer owners, we are all guilty of throwing things in and forgetting about them. Every once in a while we will come across a package that we no longer recognise and thaw out to see what we have. Upon thawing, we find that it’s some special offer meat we bought a year ago but now it is discolored and freezer burnt. So now we are asking ourselves……. Is it safe to eat meat that has freezer burn? Yes, it is safe to eat meat that has freezer burn, providing the meat has not spoiled. Freezer burn will affect the taste and texture of the meat, but will not make it…